Sundance 24
Rotterdam 2024

Here you can learn about the fascinating Nordic films that are taking part in Rotterdam International Film Festival 2024. The festival is taking place January 25 to February 4.

Tiger Competition


Jenni Luhta, Lauri Luhta / Finland / 2024 / 94 min / World Premiere

Moses depicts Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, during his final years, when he was obsessed with Moses, the founder of Judaism and the founding of monotheistic religion. Entombed in a dark place, surrounded by the threath of antisemitism and war, the elderly Freud, ever the heroic atheist, attempts as his final deed to come to terms with the central figure of Judaism. What Freud says of “the man Moses”, and how he says it, reveals much about the man Freud. But did Moses escape him in the end?

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Big Screen Competition


Ulaa Salim / Denmark / 2024 / 100 min / World Premiere

In ‘Eternal’, a violent earthquake causes a mysterious crack in the seabed several kilometres below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The phenomenon accelerates global climate change and is a threat to humanity. Far from there, sparks fly between young Elias and Anita, and a passionate love affair begins – but also ends. Later, in adulthood, Elias is assigned a key role on the team of scientists who are to close the crack at the bottom of the sea. But when he meets Anita again, he is faced with the life he chose to leave behind.

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Children of War and Peace

Ville Suhonen / Finland / 2024 / 65 min / World Premiere

Children of War and Peace is an archival documentary film that looks into nationalist education and the roles assigned to children which were directly guided by the state and authorities. All activities were aimed at military readiness for when the time comes. Children and young people were expected to be obedient, loyal, and honest. Their own needs and emotions were to be suppressed.

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Per Fly / Sweden / 2023 / 114 min / International Premiere

Based on a true story. Dag Hammarskjöld has reached the peak of his power, serving as Secretary General of the United Nations during the height of the Cold War. However, his life is turned upside down when an old friend shows up in New York. At the same time, he tries to make peace in the Congo, an undertaking that proves to be mission impossible.

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The Promised Land

Nikolaj Arcel / Denmark / 2023 / 127 min / Dutch Premiere

In 1755, the impoverished Captain Ludvig Kahlen sets out to conquer the harsh, uninhabitable Danish heath with a seemingly impossible goal; to build a colony in the name of the King. In exchange, he’ll receive a desperately desired Royal name for himself. But the sole ruler of the area, the merciless Frederik de Schinkel, arrogantly believes this land belongs to him. When de Schinkel learns that the maid Ann Barbara and her serve husband have escaped for refuge with Kahlen, the privileged and spiteful ruler swears revenge, doing everything in his power to drive the captain away. Kahlen will not be intimated and takes up the unequal battle – not only risking his life, but also the family of outsiders that has formed around him.

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Madame Luna

Daniel Espinosa / Sweden / 2024 / 110 min / World Premiere

Inspired by true events, Madame Luna is a thrilling drama about an Eritrean refugee who is washed ashore in Libya, and with time becomes one of the most notorious human smugglers with deep ties to the Italian Mafia.

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Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken / Norway / 2023 / 105 min / International Premiere

In 1941, Hitler’s war machine seems unstoppable. The Germans gain ground in the Soviet Union and the situation looks dire. To prevent further losses civilian merchant ships are gathered from across the world carrying war supplies from Iceland to Murmansk and Archangel under protection of Allied naval vessels to make the treacherous journey. 35 ships set off on what is supposed to be the safest convoy. However due to catastrophic mistakes by British intelligence the journey turns deadly for the men and ships. Caught at sea without defense or war experience, civilian sailors are now forced to fight for their lives against German air and naval forces as well as brutal Arctic temperatures. Only 12 ships made it to destination.

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Stormskerry Maja

Tiina Lymi / Finland / 2024 / 163 min / International Premiere

Maja and her husband Janne move their family to a barren and remote island of Stormskerry. Their everyday life on the island is relentless hard work for survival. Maja, who has grown in a world of old values, becomes aware of the advent of a new era: a woman can have agency instead of being a mere bystander.

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Tiger Short Competition

Flower Show

Elli Vuorinen / Finland / 2024 / 9 min / World Premiere

Girls have been cultivated like flowers for generations. Courteous formality, allusive sexuality and mysterious nature entwine at the annual flower show. The poetic, fragmented film portrays a story of females confronted with different expectations and demands.

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Petticoat Fire

Mox Mäkelä / Finland / 2024 / 47 min / World Premiere

Somewhere deep in the woods, in the house of her youth, she is thinking of ending things. All that matters is that she saved herself, and that nothing in her remains of them.

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The Light

Alexander Lind / Denmark / 2023 / 70 min / International Premiere

‘The Light’ delves into the controversial legacy of Denmark’s monumental “Peace
Sculpture” and its creator, Elle-Mie Ejdrup. It sheds light on the nation’s hidden past while
challenging societal narratives in the face of adversity.

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Failed Emptiness

Mika Taanila / Finland / 2024 / 70 min / World Premiere

A three-week vacation in the middle of a heatwave. Failed Emptiness is an existential thriller that describes the familiar experience of emptiness when responsibilities end.

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Bright Future


François Yazbeck / Lebanon, Finland / 2023 / 80 min / World Premiere

Nécrose explores the post-apocalyptic remnants of Beirut and the remote landscapes of Lebanon. Blending elements of documentary and surrealism, it narrates the other side of the story of Genesis by following a man and a woman who awaken in an underground purgatory, trapped in a decayed post-human world where time stands still.

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Helena Stefánsdóttir / Iceland / 2024 / 105 min / World Premiere

A young girl stays with her grandparents in the city while she auditions for an art performance group. When the family, who have not met for a long time, gather to celebrate her acceptance into the group, an ugly family secret emerges and the evening ends with a tragedy that nobody could have foreseen.

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It Is Lit

Viktor Israel Strand / Sweden / 2024 / 72 min / World Premiere

Christian Salmon’s non-fiction book Storytelling outlines the madness of the modern neoliberal business model: constantly disrupting itself and tearing down tradition, yet demanding the total emotional investment of each worker. These conditions have definitely been internalised by the Swedish employees in It is Lit and it shows in their confused, contradictory, even sociopathic behaviours. Especially in Johan, who fears every new move in the company and plots accordingly – while hearing phantom noises of long-ago building operations. He is motivated by the dream of owning a castle – but his fantasy is erected on quicksand.

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Short & Mid-length


Olga Krüssenberg / Sweden / 2024 / 12 min / World Premiere

Svalbard is located on the periphery of the world map but at the same time at the boiling point of climate change. The stories of the locals form a memory of a place that is changing at a furious speed. Through bodily experiences, they describe the reshaping of the place they know.

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You can't get what you want but you can get me

Samira Elagoz, Z Walsh / Finland, Netherlands / 2024 / 13 min / World Premiere

A series of photos and screenshots tell the story of how Samira Elagoz and Z Walsh, two transmasculine artists, fall passionately in love with each other.

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Focus: Chile in the Heart

Two Years in Finland

Angelina Vázquez / Finland / 1975 / 28 min

A special section titled Chile in the Heart includes Angelina Vázquez‘s short film Two Years in Finland from 1975.

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