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Marché Screenings

There’s Something in the Barn

Magnus Martens / Norway / 2023 / Sales: Charades

The life dream of the Nordheims comes true: going back to their roots, and moving to their old family farm in the Norwegian Mountains. Unfortunately, they are sharing this dream with one of the trickier mythical creatures in Nordic folklore: the Barn Elf.

This gnome-like Santa will turn the family’s life into hell and torment. To survive them the rules are simple: no bright lights, no loud sounds, and most important of all – always put out a bowl of porridge on Christmas Eve.

May 16, 14.15, Olympia 4, By Invitation only
May 20, 11.30, Olympia 3, By Invitation only

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Operation Napoleon

Óskar Thor Axelsson/ Iceland / 2023 / Sales: Beta Cinema

Young Icelandic lawyer Kristin gets drawn into the vortex of an international conspiracy when she receives grainy footage of an old airplane wreck, recently revealed by the melting of one of Iceland’s largest glaciers.

The old German World War II plane not only brings ruthless criminals onto the scene, but also CIA vice director William Carr, who had already been secretly trying to remove the wreck for a long time. Kristin places herself in great danger, refusing to rest until the key has been discovered that will solve the riddle of Operation Napoleon…

May 17, 11:30, Lérins

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Northern Comfort

Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurdsson/ Iceland / 2022 / Sales: Charades

A special forces veteran, an uptight property developer, an influencer with half a million followers and an incompetent instructor are thrown together on a high-end fear of flying course. The course’s final challenge is an experience flight from London to Iceland, which ends up being a horrendous ordeal. Lost in Iceland, freezing and terrified, they must find a way of facing their fears and working together to spread their wings… and fly.

May 17, 12:00, Olympia 4

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Norwegian Dream

Leiv Igor Devold / Norway / 2023 / Sales: True Colours Glorious Film SRL

Robert (19), a Polish immigrant working at a fish factory in Norway, has come to earn money to pay off the debts of his mother. Coming from an LGBTIQ+ free zone in Poland, he struggles with his feelings for his Norwegian colleague Ivar (19), especially when it turns out Ivar is a drag queen. When a strike begins amongst the Polish workers at the factory, Robert is bribed into breaking it. Will he take the much-needed money, or stand up for love and his rights?

May 17, 16:00, Riviera 2

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Songs of Earth

Margreth Olin / Norway / 2023 / Sales: Cinephil

Songs of Earth is a majestic symphony for the big screen.

With Olin’s 85-year-old father as a guide, we experience Norway’s most scenic valley, Oldedalen in Nordfjord. This is where he grew up and where generations before him have lived in balance with nature. Majestic images of wild mountains, calving glaciers, and bustling wildlife go side by side with the parents’ stories about the generations who trod the trails, the relationship we have with nature, and what is valuable in life. The music is composed of unique sound recordings – nature’s own melodies, translated and performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra.

May 18, 16.00, Palais H
May 22, 11.30, Palais J

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Teddy's Christmas

Andrea Eckerbom / Norway / 2022 / Sales: Sola Media GmbH

Snowflakes, fragrant almonds, and twinkling lights create the perfect atmosphere at Mariann’s (8) Christmas market visit when suddenly she discovers an unbelievable secret: on the top shelf of the lottery booth, the sweetest teddy bear has just moved his head and started sniffing. Feeling an instant connection with the living toy, Mariann can’t think of any better wish for Christmas and tries to win him. However, Teddy has different plans, dreaming of a wealthy owner who can teach him everything the world has to offer. But when Teddy is taken away to a woodshed, his new best friend, the hedgehog Bolla, helps him realize what counts in life…

May 18, 11:30, Lérins 4

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A Mystery on the Cattle Hill Express

Kristian Landmark / Norway / 2023 / Sales: New Europe Film Sales

Cattle Hill farm is in crisis, no crops will grow but Albert the Pig, the celebrated inventor, has a revolutionary Nano-seed which will solve all of Cattle Hills’ problems! The flamboyant Pig will showcase his seed upon his high-tech laboratory train to the skeptical inhabitants of Cattle Hill. However, on the journey, his priceless seed is stolen! The thief is amongst them and together with the help of world-famous detective, Agatha Christensen, Klara and Gaute work together to unveil the thief and secure Cattle Hills’ future!

May 19, 11.30, Palais D

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Lea Glob/ Denmark / 2022 / Sales: Cat&Docs

A portrait of the artist as a young woman. Apolonia is talented, but is that enough to break into the art world? An impressive film that covers 13 years in an anything-but-average life.

May 19, 13:45, Palais F
May 21, 16:00, Palais F

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Darkland: The Return

Fenar Ahmad / Denmark / 2023 / Sales: Nordisk Film Distribution A/S

DARKLAND: THE RETURN is an action-thriller about Zaid, who after 7 years in prison goes undercover for the police in exchange of being released and seeing his estranged 7-year-old son. Zaid desperately tries to combine his life as an undercover source in a violent gang while building a relationship with his son, but eventually the two worlds collide. Having exposed himself, he must do everything he can to protect his son.

May 19, 14:14, Olympia 5

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Light Light Light

Inari Niemi/ Finland / 2023 / Sales: Intramovies

Spring, 1986. Chernobyl explosion unsettles the daily life of a small village in western Finland. That summer, Mimi, a new girl who just moved to the village enters 15-year-old Mariia’s life shaking it up.20 years later, Mariia goes back home to take care of her sick mother, and memories start rising to the surface.

May 19, 16:30, Palais G

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Milad Alami / Sweden / 2023 / Sales: Indie Sales

In the aftermath of a devastating rumor, Iman and his family have been forced to flee Iran. As refugees, they end up in a run-down hotel in northern Sweden. Despite feeling powerless, Iman tries to maintain his role as the family patriarch. To increase their chances of asylum, he breaks a promise to his wife and joins the local wrestling club. As the rumours start to resurface, Iman’s fear and desperation begin to take a hold.

May 20, 12:00, Arcades 2

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After Work

Erik Gandini / Sweden / 2023 / Sales: Cat&Docs

Most jobs that exist today might disappear within a few decades. As machines and
AI outperform humans, we may soon have to rethink the role work has in our lives as
the central piece of our existence, our highest goal in life. The approach of this
documentary is existential, curious and cinematic. Exploring through characters and
stories in four continents, what work is today or, rather, what it could be.

May 20, 16:30, Palais C
May 22, 16:30, Palais E

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Let the River Flow

Ole Giæver / Norway / 2023 / Sales: Beta Cinema GmbH

Let the River Flow is a feature film about when the Norwegian government decided to displace the Alta River in the late 1970s, and a Sámi movement begins. Ester, originally ashamed of her roots, must embrace her heritage to help fight for the rights of her people.

May 21, 09:30, Lérins 1

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Driving Mum

Hilmar Oddsson / Iceland / 2022 / Sales: Alief

A man tries to honour his mother’s dying wish to be buried in her home in a remote Icelandic village … by propping her up in the back seat of his car and driving her there.

May 22, 16:00, Riviera 2

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About Dry Grasses

Nuri Bilge Ceylan / Sweden / 2023 / Sales: Playtime

The film follows Samet, a young teacher, who is finishing his fourth year of compulsory service in a remote village in Anatolia. When some events happen to him that he finds difficult to make sense of, he loses his hopes of escaping the grim life he seems to be stuck in. But his meeting with Nuray, herself a teacher, may help him overcome his angst.

May 22, 16:00, Riviera 2

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Fallen Leaves

Aki Kaurismäki / Finland / 2023 / Sales: The Match Factory

The film tells the story of Ansa, a supermarket shelf-stocker on a zero-hour contract, later a recyclable plastic sorter, and Holappa, a sandblaster, an alcoholic, later an ex-alcoholic, whose paths have accidentally crossed and who, despite adversity and misunderstandings, try to build some kind of relationship on the harsher side of the welfare state.

May 22, 16:45, Lumiére
May 23, 12:00, Lumiére
May 23, 17:00, Agnes Varda
May 23 20:30, Olympia 1

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