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Co-producing with the Nordics

Explore the Nordic countries and their co-production programmes from the brochure
by Nordisk Film and TV Fund.

Explore the Nordic co-production programmes here.

Discover Nordic Film Catalogues

Find information about Danish Film Institute’s festival team and see which new films are coming out from Denmark.
Discover new and upcoming Finnish feature, documentary and short films and contact Finnish Film Foundation’s international department.

Discover new and upcoming Icelandic features, documentaries and short films from the Icelandic Film Centre’s website.

Find info about new and upcoming Norwegian films, festivals and awards from Norwegian Film Institute’s website.
Explore the latest Swedish features, documentaries and short films from Swedish Film Institute’s catalogue.

Scandinavian Films' webinars

Check out the recordings of Scandinavian Films’ webinars. Scandinavian Films organised insightful webinars during Cannes Film Festival 2020 and European Film Market 2021.

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