Sundance 24
Clermont - Ferrand 2024

Here you can learn about the fascinating Nordic shorts that are taking part in Clermont - Ferrand International Short Film Festival 2024. The festival is taking place February 2 to February 10.

International Competition

An Example

Selma Sunniva / Denmark / 2022 / Fiction / 25 min

In twenty fast paced minutes set in real time, we follow nurse Emma as she arrives for her evening shift at a closed psychiatric facility. It’s a day like any other. Colleagues are out sick, patients are dealing with acute problems and Emma and her co-workers must be creative to get through the shift in the best possible way, but with too many patients and not enough hands, Emma soon realizes that things can go horribly wrong in a blink of an eye.

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Ivar Aase / Norway / 2023 / Fiction / 13.45 min

An innocent cam session turns into a life-and-death drama, and leads Lotte to some unexpected realizations about her own relationships.

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Alessandro Stigliano / Sweden / 2023 / Fiction / 9.57 min

A frustrated, underappreciated programmer is struggling to find a balance between work and being a father to a toddler. When his boss disrespects him once again in front of his colleagues, he finds a new way to channel all that built up rage: baking.

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The Last Straw

Andrias Høgenni / Denmark / 2023 / Fiction / 14.40 min

When Ívar is stranded on an isolated Faroe mountain road, he is forced to ask his estranged brother, Mikkjal, for help. Mikkjal begrudgingly obliges, but when Ívar offers money in exchange for the help, the situation is unwittingly set for a long overdue confrontation between the two brothers.

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Nun or Never!

Heta Jäälinoja / Finland/ 2023 / Animation / 10.49 min

A group of nuns live together in happy harmony. When one of them finds a man in the garden, her everyday life within the group is disrupted and the harmony broken. As she fails to make her dreams come true, she realises that everyone in the community has their own hidden universe.

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Jessica Bishopp / Iceland / 2023 / Documentary / 20.21 min

On a remote Icelandic island, teenagers Birta and Selma trade late night parties for nocturnal puffin rescues in this coming-of-age story for young adults and puffins alike.

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Lab Competition

Have You Seen Here

Astrid Ardagh / Norway / 2023 / Experimental / 15.07 min

Set on a rugged Arctic island where the sun sinks below the horizon for two months each winter, the film investigates our relationship to the cycles of nature. It points an explorative lens at a remote community, whose inhabitants know exactly at what place, on what day, and at what time they can see the sun again for the first time after the darkness of the polar night.

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Youth Programme

Glenn, The Great Nature Lover

Anna Erlandsson / Sweden / 2023 / Animation / 4.30 min

Glenn loves nature. He meets the love of his life while watching birds. They decide to spend their lives in the forest forever but, preferably, on their own terms.

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Maybe Just For You

Alexander Ophaug / Norway / 2023 / Fiction / 12 min

Ruben, eleven years old, and Mia, six years old, live with their mother in a suburb of Bergen, Norway. In the midst of hopelessness and everyday poverty, the desire for normalcy leads them to a fateful shopping trip and a surprising theft.

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The Swineherd

Magnus Igland Møller, Peter Smith / Denmark / 2023 / Animation / 7.35 min

In this goofy version of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Swineherd”, we meet the young swineherd, who sits and looks after the king’s pigs. Even though it is Christmas, the boy and the pigs are bored in the pigsty. Suddenly the boy remembers his magic pot.

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The Story of Bodri

Stina Wirsén / Sweden / 2022 / Animation / 13.05 min

My name is Hédi, I’m going to tell you about my childhood, about how I was a happy child in a happy city in Germany. What happened next is hard to tell and hard to listen to. I still want to tell you this story and I want you to listen; for we, humans, are capable of the worst as well as the best. We all have a choice; we can choose the good. An animated short for young children about the Holocaust.

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Euro Connection


Euro Connection is the main platform for the co-production of short films. This two-day pitching and networking event aims at fostering partnerships between European and international production companies faround short film projects. Participating from Norway:

The short film, Mercy, explores the ethical dilemmas a woman faces when her friend is accused of being a rapist, but claims he is innocent. Should she believe him? Can she still be his friend? And is she willing to sacrifice her reputation to support him? The film focuses on how we talk and treat cases of rape and abuse in today’s society, how our attitudes and values are governed not only by morality and conscience, but also by what is socially accepted.

Hedda Mjøen / Norway / Fiction / 17 min

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Lonely Cowgirl

Gina Kippenbroeck / Denmark / 2021 / Fiction / 19.13 min

Alone in her apartment, Liv is counting the days until she is reunited with the woman she loves. Accompanied by her audio-tapes, she thinks back on her relationship as the solitude slowly begins to test her mental strength.

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Two Bodies on a Beach

Anna Paavilainen/ Finland / 2019 / Fiction / 20.00 min

A woman wakes up on a beach wrapped in plastic, half-naked and in high heels. “Not again”, she sighs and decides to find out who is behind this. She persuades an older woman who has been pushed to the margins of society to accompany her on her revenge trip.

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Sorry not Sorry

Jula Thelin / Sweden/ 2019 / Fiction / 14.58 min

Feride is on her way home from a party when she meets a group of young choir singing boys in a wooden boat. When she helps them with their motor problems, she is unwillingly taken out for a ride in the Swedish summer night.

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What is a Woman?

Marin Håskjold / Norway / 2020 / Fiction / 14.13 min

A discussion occurs in a women’s locker room when someone asks a transgender woman to leave.

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Bjork – Sorrowful Soil

Viðar Logi / Iceland / 2022 / Fiction / 03.32 min

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Fever Ray - Even It Out

Martin Falck / Sweden / 2023 / Fiction / 03.28 min

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Erik Warolin / Sweden / 2018 / Fiction / 08.00 min

When Jonna is told by her boss to be more friendly with restaurant customers, she could never believe what results it would yield. What at first seems like a polite conversation with the only guest quickly escalates into an unexpected turn of events.

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European Short Film Audience Awards

Blue Note

Pavel Andonov / Finland, United Kingdom, England / 2022 / Fiction / 22.34 min

Leena prepares a meal for two and leaves her cottage to pick up her husband Boris from the hospital. The nurse warns them of his condition, but they’ve already decided to spend the night together.

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African Perspectives

Better than Earth

Sherif El Bendary / Egypt, France, Sweden / 2024 / Fiction / 23 min

Radwa, a 20-year-old student who lives in a university residence for girls in Cairo, goes to complain to the supervisor Magda about her roommate Sarah for harassing her.

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Short Film Market

Scandinavian Films Stand

We will be happy to meet with you during Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market 2024. The Nordic film institutes and short film festivals are present at the Scandinavian Films Stand, come visit us! we are there February 4-8.