Berlinale 2023

Here you can learn about the fascinating Nordic films that are taking part in Berlinale in 2023. The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival is taking place from February 16 to 26.


The European Film Market is an important meeting place of the international film and media industries. We are happy to meet you and tell you about the fresh winds of Nordic cinema. This year's EFM will take place from 16 to 22 February.

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Berlinale Special Gala

Against the Ice

Peter Flinth / Iceland & Denmark / 2022 / 102 min / World Premiere

In 1909, two explorers fight to survive after they’re left behind while on a Denmark expedition in ice-covered Greenland.


15.2.2022 21:00 Friedrichstadt-Palast

16.2.2022 12:00 Akademie der Künste

19.2.2022 21:00 Urania

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Berlinale Special


Hlynur Pálmason / Denmark & Iceland / 22 min / World Premiere

A story of siblings building a tree house together over the course of a year. We experience the beauty and brutality of the seasons, as we follow them through their struggles and moments of joy.


14.2.2022 14:00 Akademie der Künste

15.2.2022 20:30 Cubix 7 

18.2.2022 11:00 Cubix 5 & 6

19.2.2022 15:00 Cubix 5 & 6

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Beautiful Beings

Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson / Iceland / 2022 / 123 min / World Premiere

Addi, a boy raised by a clairvoyant mother, decides to adopt a bullied misfit into his gang of outsiders. Left to their own devices, the boys explore aggression and violence but also learn about loyalty and love. As their behavior escalates towards life-threatening situations, Addi begins to experience a series of dreamlike visions. Can his newfound intuition guide him and his friends back to a safer path, or will they dive irrevocably into further violence?


11.2.2022 15:30 Zoo Palast 1

12.2.2022 21:00 Zoo Palast 2

17.2.2022 19:00 Zoo Palast 1

18.2.2022 11:00 Cubix 9

20.2.2022 20:00 CinemaxX 3

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Panorama Dokumente

Nelly & Nadine

Magnus Gertten / Sweden / World Premiere

Nelly & Nadine is the unlikely love story between two women falling in love on Christmas Eve, 1944, in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. For many years Nelly and Nadine’s lifelong relationship was kept a secret, even to some of their closest family. Now Nelly’s grandchild, Sylvie, has decided to open Nelly and Nadine’s unseen personal archives and finally read Nelly’s personal diary from the Nazi camps. Gradually Sylvie uncovers their remarkable love story.


11.2.2022 16:00 International | Subtitles: English

12.2.2022 12:00 Zoo Palast 2 | Subtitles: English

12.2.2022 18:00 Eva Lichtspiele | Subtitles: English

17.2.2022 20:00 Cubix 9 | Subtitles: English

18.2.2022 11:30 CinemaxX 4 | Subtitles: English 

19.2.2022 12:30 Zoo Palast 1 |  Subtitles: German

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Berlin Generation 14+

Girl Picture

Alli Haapasalo / Finland / 2022 / 100 min / European Premiere

Mimmi and Rönkkö are best friends, supporting each other in good and bad. They don’t know yet what the future will bring, but the world is open. Emma is a figure skater aiming for an international career. When the three meet at a party, nothing will remain the same.


14.02.2022 20:00 Urania  

16.02.2022 20:30 Cubix 8,  

18.02.2022 12:30 Filmtheater am Friedrichshain,  

19.02.2022 20:00 HKW 

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Generation Kplus

Comedy Queen

Sanna Lenken / Sweden / 94 min / World Premiere

Comedy Queen is about 13-year-old Sasha. Sasha suffers from immeasurable grief, but she is determined to save both herself and her father from the sorrow. Her plan is to make everyone laugh again, she wants to become a stand-up comedian – a Comedy Queen.


12.2.2022 13:50 Cubix 3 Screening for industry professionals 

13.2.2022 13:00 Urania German voice-over | Headphones for OV

14.2.2022 10:30 HKW German voice-over | Headphones for OV

16.2.2022 14:30 Cubix 8 German voice-over | Headphones for OV

17.2.2022 17:00 HKW German voice-over | Headphones for OV

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Forum Expanded

My Home

Azar Saiyar / Finland / 12 min / 2022

“A bee stung me on my finger. It happened yesterday in the yard of a kindergarten, even though I am not in kindergarten anymore.” Fragmented memories of childhood and adulthood blend together in a song that an unknown narrator is humming.


11.2.2022 16:30 Kino Arsenal 1

12.2.2022 17:00 Werkstattkino@silent green

20.2.2022 11:00 Kino Arsenal 1

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Berlinale Series

Black Sands

Baldvin Z / Iceland / 2021 / 100 min / International Premiere

Anita, a DI in her thirties, is forced to return to the hometown she fled 14 years ago. A reckoning with her mother is inescapable, but when the body of a young woman is found, everything is upended. Anita is dragged down into the dark abyss of her past, looking for a possible serial killer and the reckoning turns into a nightmare.


12.2.2022 21:45 International 2/8 Ep.

13.2.2022 18:00 Zoo Palast 2 2/8 Ep.

17.2.2022 14:15 CinemaxX 9 2/8 Ep.

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Ella Lemhagen / Sweden / 2022 / 112 min

Now that Anette and her best friends are in their mid-40s, do they have to resign themselves to a sex life that could do with a makeover? No, and they never will, is the answer given by this unashamedly honest comedy series.


14.2.2022 21:30 International 4/8 Ep.

15.2.2022 18:00 Zoo Palast 2 4/8 Ep.

20.2.2022 16:15 CinemaxX 9 4/8 Ep.

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The Shift

Lone Scherfig / Denmark / 2022 / 83 min / World Premiere

Midwife Ella runs the best maternity ward in Denmark. The close-knit team goes about their work with conviction and fine ideals, but all too often the mental and physical strain pushes them to their personal limits.


13.2.2022 21:15 International 2/8 Ep.

14.2.2022 18:00 Zoo Palast 2 2/8 Ep.

19.2.2022 16:45 CinemaxX 9 2/8 Ep.

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European Film Market

We almost got to meet each other at Gropius Bau, but this year’s European Film Market is organized online instead. Fortunately, you can also easily arrange a virtual meeting. Explore this year’s European Film Market here.

Check the EFM Screening Schedule here

Conversations at the Berlin Film Festival

This year, we have a great opportunity to have Wendy Mitchell (Screen International) to discuss with the talents from our Nordic lineup. Join the conversations and peek into the future of Nordic cinema! You can find all the episodes on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Conversations with Nordic Filmmakers

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