Press release by Nordisk Film & TV Fond

Sundance documentary FLEE and IDA winner GUNDA are among the five films vying for the Nordic Council Film Prize this year, with several prominent international directors and producers are among the nominees.

Nordisk Film & TV Fond has announced this year’s candidates for one of the most coveted film prizes in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).

Among the five nominees, we see film titles, directors and producers who are well known from international festivals or from their prior productions, such as Danish director Jonas Poher Rasmussen (2021 Sundance winner), Finnish producer Jussi Rantamäki (2021 Grand Jury Prize co-winner), Icelandic producer Friðrik Þór Fridriksson (Oscar nominated), Russian director Victor Kossakovsky (shortlisted for the Academy Awards) and Swedish director Ronnie Sandahl (2021 Dragon Award winner).

The Nordic Council Film Prize is awarded this year for the 18th time. It is the most prestigious film award in the Nordic region, celebrating a unique filmmaking vision, deeply rooted in Nordic culture.

The nominees for the Nordic Council Film Prize 2021 are:

Denmark: Flee, directed and written by Jonas Poher Rasmussen, co-written by ‘Amin’ (anonymous), produced by Monica Hellström, Signe Byrge Sørensen and Charlotte De La Gournerie for Final Cut for Real.

Finland: Any Day Now, directed and written by Hamy Ramezan, co-written by Antti Rautava, produced by Jussi Rantamäki and Emilia Haukka for Aamu Filmcompany.

Iceland: Alma, directed and written by Kristín Jóhannesdóttir, produced by Guðrún Edda Þórhannesdóttir, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson and Egil Ødegård for DUO Productions.

Norway: Gunda, directed and written by Victor Kossakovsky, produced by Anita Rehoff Larsen for Sant & Usant.

Sweden: Tigers, directed and written by Ronnie Sandahl, produced by Piodor Gustafsson for Black Spark Film & TV.

The purpose of the Nordic Council prizes is to raise interest in the Nordic cultural community and in environmental co-operation, as well as to recognise outstanding artistic and environmental initiatives.

The Nordic Council Film Prize 2021 – along with the other Nordic prizes for literature, children and young people’s literature, music and the environment – will be awarded on November 2 at an awards ceremony in Copenhagen in conjunction with the Session of the Nordic Council.